Why are all women on dating sites ugly and fat?

Why are all women on dating sites ugly and fat?

I just signed up for OkCupid, all the chicks on that site are hideous, ugly and fat. They look like a cross inbetween Whoopi Goldberg and Roseanne, and Ricki Lake. What the hell, I’m a busy man these days and its hard to meet women, and the very first dating site I sign up to, click after click, summary after summary, just ugly, vile hags who I’d never have lovemaking with even if humanity depended on it for continuance of the human race. Hot ladies, yall need to sign up on OkCupid so I can message you.

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This goes on the list of “best sh*t I’ve ever read.” I want what this dude is having.

It’s called beer and hard alcohol, if you are over 21, I suggest going to an actual liquor store so you don’t have to pay the ridiculous price charged at Jewel and Osco with their shiny wooden floor indicating the alcohol section

maybe you need to switch dating website use penpaland com women not ugly there.

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What Women Said

I’m sorry. I don’t understand what kind of response you are actually looking for here?

you have no manners, you are being disrespectful to me, I don’t appreciate that. I wish I read this before I posted on taking you and rainydaygurl together at the same time. now, I wouldn’t. id rather you be my sub, to do my cooking and cleaning only.

Oh QA, you break my heart. I apologize however, no time to cook and clean eyeing as I am a little busy completing my dual bachelor. I also fail to see where and how I have been disrespectful.

Good job throwing in your dual bachelor to attempt to impress people or validate your sense of justice in all this. In your dual major, do they train you anything about modesty or. not bragging? It should be part of your curriculum.

LMAO. YOU are talking about modesty and bragging? The one who was reaffirming his professionality and income to Shaun and in your updates? Get a dictionary and learn what “hypocrisy” means, douchebag. I wasn’t mentioning it for validation, just the fact that you can be busy and still make time to meet women IRL.

I see now why you need two bachelor degrees, one for each of your numerous personalities. The very first personality. dumb, the other. dumber. For talking like this, you deserve to be spanked on the butt cheeks till your butt has crimson welts of my arm prints.

ouch.be nice I’ve got an account on there 🙁

I just looked at your profile and you are a adorable kinda fat, you are round in a nice way, I would have lovemaking with you because you are undoubtedly a cutie pie.

oh.how much more weight would I need to lose to not be considered fat anymore?

you are plumpy in all the right places..hence, if you lost Five lbs it would be bad, if you gained Five it would be just as bad, basically, work out and eat like a piggie, to balance that nice plumpiness for a long time

@ raineydaygurl – HOLY CRAP! Your bod is the ideal hour glass, imo!

tohrment, you are kinda skinny but id take you and rainydaygurl together at the same time.

Charming. I’ll have to pass.

Yea, I passed long before you posted that sweet heart

Hahahaha Yeahhh true. You’re funny.

Lol you’re a gross human being

Because studs are balding morons with beer guts.

Because many women turn to dating sites because they aren’t having much luck in real life getting a stud. Ugly and fat women will have to put in more effort to find dating candidates because pretty women will get approached more in real life. Hot women don’t need to go on dating sites, they’re meeting fellows in real life.

well they need to get on weight watchers and get hell up off dating sites

Everyone needs love –even jack butts like you.

yes, everyone needs love, including some random stud named jack. I refer to women as “bum” so yes, “donks” like me.

LMAO. The only time I hear guys call women fat and/or ugly is when the boy is also fat and/or ugly. Gravely, good looking guys don’t do that. They may not go for these chicks but they feel no need to put them down.

not to sould like an caboose. i don’t put people down..but then you don’t truly know guys very well. The so called “good looking guys” are way more critical of womans looks then any other man around. The guido and meat goes are even worse. They will stand in groups at a bars or clubs and make comments about every doll around them.

Maybe but the only time I ever hear guys call any woman unattractive in anyway is when the fellow is ugly himself and usually not even good enough to get the female he put down. I have a lot of stud friends good looking and ugly but I only ever hear the ugly ones insult a ladies appearance.

Look at this doll. good looking guys don’t do that? Wow, then I guess I never said any of this sh*t then, and its all part of your imagination..

Did you not see where I made the correction and said I just don’t hear it. Maybe you should have read my response to needlessthing.

I don’t give a damn what you hear and what you don’t hear. And just because you don’t hear something doesn’t mean it was never said. The world doesn’t revolve around you, if you put your fingers in your ears doesn’t mean sound stopped existing. Good looking and ugly looking guys alike hate ugly fat chicks whether you determine to hear only ugly guys talk about ugly fat chicks or not. I suggest you think hard about what kind of person you are and then get plastic surgey because your ugly

“And just because you don’t hear something doesn’t mean it was never said. ” What the hell do you think my reaction to needlessthing meant. Are you toasted now, is that why you don’t understand English? I guess good looking guys are just too polite to put a chick down in front of another doll. Not to mention women regardless of their looks don’t like ugly and/or fat guys either. I think it is you that thinks the world revolves around them, earnestly what is with the anger issues?

needlessthing is the truth, your nothing but a lie. your arguments are erroneous. I’m a good looking man and I just put down ugly fat chicks, hence you’re statements have no validity. You know what, go out there and meet a good looking stud, when he dumps your booty for a hot chick and says “its not you. its me” just keep on telling yourself that its true because as long as he doesn’t tell the truth, you can proceed in the ignorance that got you plastering all your lame comments my beloved Question

It’s funny I have dated only good looking guys and not a single one of them dumped me. Hmmm. I guess some hot guys do like ugly chicks since you seem to think I am so ugly.

that’s good for them, if they want to be desperate, lodge for less, deal with issues, baggage and lack of sense of humor, I don’t see why they’d ever dump you. I feel sorry for them.

What Guys Said

Same here. I got replies from women like that also. I attempt not to insult women like that, as a matter fact I dont. Anyways, you know what I think? I was reading some ditzy stuff about women not truly caring about a guys looks as if its not all that significant and it got me thinking. Maybe perhaps those very overweight women think that YOU think about themselves in the same was as they see you, you know?! I’m a nice boy, it’s just a habit I guess and I attempt not to make insults, but I’m so unattracted to overweight women, on a rating from one to Ten, I would almost put them in the negative category.

What does that say about you?

Shaun, I’ve seen you around a lot on this site, I just dreamed to say that I hate your f***ing guts and if I possessed GirlsaskGuys I would exile you from this site. You are a worthless scum bag. please get the f*** off this question and leave me alone. also, if you read the question decently, you would see what this says about me. that I’m too f***ing busy in my professional life to meet damsels, I’m so f***ing busy making money I go on okcupid. maybe I should just leave my business and pick up chicks

Sorry QA, I’m with Shaun on this one.

What ever you say little bitch. Some weeks I’ll work over 80 hours and some weeks I’ll have off. I work 6 months a year and pull down 6 figures. Any time you want to step up, be my guest.

And in case you missed it, you are no better than the women on the dating sites.

you know what, I curse you to a live of lovemaking with fat ugly bitches, you know waht, every fat ugly bitch I see imma send them your way you f***ing scum bag, you don’t pull 6 figures, and you don’t work over 80 hours a week, go screw yourself and stop lounging to justify all this bs you are spewing at me.

7 12s pays bank, sparky. Power plant and refinery outages. LOL

I like how you ask me “what does that say about you” yet you comment “you are no better than the women on the dating sites” so WHAT does that say about you? yea, bravo for standing up for ugly fat bitches but a fellow that pulls in. what was that again? 6 figures in 6 months, would actually go for one of these fat ugly bitches? would he? I mean, he is clearly defending them here, that or. maybe just attempting to come off HEROIC, yea pal, whose reading your comments? who you attempting to impress

I haven’t browsed a dating site in over 6 years, chump.

I don’t think inebriated posting is for you.

I think it says he likes attractive women?

Well, he doesn’t deserve one with his sh*tty attitude. You don’t go around calling people fat and ugly. That’s just no class.

yea you most likely got off the dating site six years ago because you kept observing fat ugly bitches, deep down inwards you know I’m right chode, you know I’m right you f***ing chode, stop being a chicks ask guys vigilante, yea? toasted posting ain’t for me? why don’t you reply back to me tomorrow morning and ill shred you when I’m sober, yea, step up bitch, go and step up

Sorry, I’m working tomorrow morning. 7 12s, recall bitch? When I said step up, I meant go ahead and attempt something real, if you think you’re man enough.

QA, you should lay off the booze.

i don’t give a damn about your f***ing schedule, I work tomorrow too, but I have the luxury to use the internet at my own leisure at work and wake up whenever the f*** I want to, sad thing about you is you are losing sleep over this, when the bags under your eyes go away and you’ve thought of something after you punch out your punch card, report back on here so I can keep tearing you up shaun.

this sh*t is making me fall off my chair I’m laughing so hard right now. keep on drinking pal, I’m bored too 😛


cheers! lmao keep up the excellent work lol

thanks man, I love instigating sh*t just to see everyone react as I see it as unspoiled entertainment

cause those are the only ones desparate enough to actually have to resort to dating sites, cause all the other ladies get picked up by certain guys in real life.

Fat and Ugly. very subjective. Also very, very rude and unfeeling. Down right mean. BUT!! In a very real sense, I do agree with this person. There are a vast number of women who have signed up on various dating sites that I have seen who are, frankly, are overweight or obese and unattractive. I’m no psychiatrist or psychologist but I would say the significant majority of these women who are obese or overweight have very serious psychological issues (not too mention health issues) that I would want to choose to avoid. I will say now and for the record that I was no prize myself and I used to be very overweight and unhappy. Was I unhappy because I was overweight? Was I overweight because I was unhappy? The response (to both) was a resounding YES! I determined to make a real switch. So, I commenced working out, switching my eating habits and facing my demons. I lost 120 lbs, got healthy and got professional help to help me face my demons. I did sign back up to a number of those dating websites and the response has been decidedly more positive (it wasn’t altogether negative the very first time) and I have met someone wonderful who is very attractive and not overweight. I am not going to lodge for someone, I am going to find the one. She has her issues, I have mine, but things are going very well. Peace, happiness, joy, prosperity and good health to all!

Because you’re stupid and trolling.

the lack of creativity in your response to my question didn’t indeed provoke me to react to it at very first, I was going to but I lacked the energy to react to such a half culo response, but watching that I tired responding to everyone’s comment, I determined to comment on yours and let you know that you are abate and boring.

Ah, thank you tormentor, may I have some more? If you were asking this question legitimately, you wouldn’t use such inflammatory language. However, watching as you don’t seem to see the sarcasm in my comment let me explain.

Two) you can’t find anyone just by going out and meeting women because they are naturally put off by your behavior – this is very most likely based on what and how you posted here

Hey Dr. Phil, what don’t you go write a master’s thesis on this question with your know-it-all sense of self. Or maybe you can stop attempting to analyze everything you see on this site and understand that your sarcasm and your comments are mundane and your attempts to thwart the notoriety of this question are futile. The “possibilities” you list behind the possible nature of the question are all wrong, and a neutral party viewing this question would be able to tell why I truly posted it.

All I’m gonna say is that you’ve got problems man. Especially eyeing how you admit to “instigating sh*t” below. You earnestly don’t have anything better to do? Like screw your gf, maybe? Or is this PARTIALLY true?

I’m normal, you are nothing but a mental patient turned Ladies Ask Guys Pest. They need cyber roach splash to kill your kind. You hide in the dark, only crawling yourself towards the glow of your computer at night like a moth to a flame, to sit on here and fuel the flame of questions like this. Please, in an effort to extinguish the fire, keep throwing more gasoline on it. All I can say is, I love every aspect of my life and this just adds to it. Blue Label shot now, cheers to you cockroach!

I hate to laugh at that, but I am. Uproariously.

what is even funnier is the fact they are all looking for guys way out of their league. Which truly makes them a target for guys looking for a meet up. If they actually dated in their own league they wouldn’t need the sites in the very first place.

fat ugly chicks are only good for wing boys. Aside from that, fat ugly bitches should get a brown bag over their goes and drilled in the twat with a 12 inch fake penises with a bumpy surface so the insides of their vag can be engorged, thus making them work twice as hard to walk the next day and hence, causing them to lose more weight then their low butt metabolism.

Nobody cares about your pool and lawn business.

yea nice attempt friend, you’re almost psychic. I should hire you to clean the crap out of my pool and weeds out of my lawn, then maybe you can add that to your allowance and pick up a game cartridge from your local pawn shop

I lol’ed because it’s kind of true. The reason is that hot damsels don’t need dating sites because every fellow they know is already drooling over them. Whereas all the less attractive women are not in such a situation, so they resort to the internet.

ya pretty much. best response is right here. ^^^^

god damn straight best response biatch, and f*** shaun, if I ever had a kid and named it shaun, I would spell it with Shawn or Sean. so shawn can take his You instead of W and screw himself

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