Which Actress Met a Gf Online?

Which Actress Met a Girlfriend Online?

She may be ",dating", a costar, but her heart is with her cyber sweetie. This pop starlet was coerced to have plastic surgery, this reality starlet doesn',t peak strippers, and a celeb loves coke. Does she get it from Craigslist?

1. ",This C list actress that is in a movie that just left the theaters is having trouble adjusting to her new-found fame. She',s always been a little socially awkward in the dudes department, and albeit people are linking her with her co-star, she',s secretly dating a woman she met online. The two have yet to meet up, and we hear the actress chooses it this way. So far their relationship is rigorously online.", [BuzzFoto]

Two. ",This pop starlet recently had some facial work done. It wasn',t a massive secret, but it was assumed that she had done it on her own initiative. Turns out that the production company that hired her is actually behind the fresh look. They weren',t blessed with the way she looked in test shots, and strongly suggested to her that she modify her look before they invested in her. She agreed, and the production company set up the appointment and paid the bill. After all, no matter how talented you are, a pop starlet has to look camera ready, right? And god forbid she should actually look her real age.", [Blind Gossip]

Trio. ",So, when you are someone who was the starlet of a reality demonstrate/performer with interesting teeth you expect that when you and your team roll into a Fresh York City unclothe club that everything will be taken care of. Well, evidently you would be wrong. Our reality display starlet did go to a disrobe club with some of his friends and ordered a round of drinks. They then determined to budge to the VIP section. The bartender asked the manager if she should comp the drinks. The manager said the group needed to pay for their drinks just like everyone else. So, the bartender gave the group the bill. $66. Our reality starlet had $40 on him and no plastic. The rest of the group had no plastic but did manage to come up with the other $26. Of course no peak. They then left the club but were very pleasant. No ',Do you know you who I am?', kind of stuff. My question is even if you thought you were going to get free drinks, were you not going to peak the women for dancing for you? Should they consider it an honor to dance for you for free instead of making a buck with the paying customers?", [CDaN]

Four. ",Which celebrity cordons off a special area at all her parties for her friend ',Charlie.', She',s always yelling that constant trips to the bathroom for a drugs fix are a ',real bore.',", [UK Mirror]

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