International marriage agency

International marriage agency


It is recognized around the world

All inclusive

Package includes all service


Five reasons to order express marriage

Your visa finishes and you love each other?

We will arrange your marriage in 1 day! Legitimately!

In your country, international marriage is difficult, and total of the bureaucracy?

We will arrange your marriage without the bureaucracy in the romantic city of Prague!

You do not have the adequate documents for your country?

We will arrange your marriage with Trio documents in Prague!

You live far away from each other, and you need a special visa?

We will arrange your marriage with the usual Schengen visa!

You have been attempting to seal your marriage and nothing turns out?

We will arrange your marriage in 1 day in Prague! Assured by law and only here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Reaction: Yes, of course. We legalize and translate the marriage certificate for your country.

Response: Only three documents: ID card (passport), birth certificate and certificate of marital status (plus divorce certificate if you are divorced). The way of getting a certificate of marital status depends on the country of your citizenship – we will consult you in details individually.

Reaction: No. Original documents should be brought to the wedding. For a commence it’s enough to send scanned copies by E-mail.

Response: The documents from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Greece, Canada and some other countries do not have to be legalised with an Apostille stamp.

Response: Marriages in Czech Republic are registered on Tuedays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If you choose “Express-marriage” package we need to get the documents at least Trio working days in advance before wedding. Express-marriage is possible not everywhere, we will consult you in details individually.

Response: If you choose “Express-marriage” package you have to come only for one day (for marriage registration itself).

Reaction: You need to have any type of Shengen visa, including short-term travel visa. You don’t need to get a bridal or fiancee visa! We can help you with all documents.

Reaction: Czech Republic is a low-cost country. Flights and hotels are fairly cheap.

Reaction: Czech Republic is the best option for it! There are a lot of places for wedding ceremonies (romantic historical castles in different architecture styles, the famous Old Town Hall, the gorgeous Municipal House, the blooming Palace Gardens etc.) and an all-inclusive wedding service will sate all of your desires.

Our company assures you a finish wedding service from organizing the official part of marriage registration to fulfilling your every wish!

The process of Express marriage

  • 1. Pack out request on the site
  • Two. Pack out the questionnaire for the registry office and send us copies of documents
  • Three. Pay prepayment – we pay translations, fees, etc.
  • Four. We are preparing a accomplish set of documents to the registrar with translations
  • Five. You arrive to Prague
  • 6. We are visiting foreign police and get the special document
  • 7. The wedding ceremony day, you get a certificate of marriage
  • 8. Next day you get translated marriage certificate with Apostille for your country. Congratulations!

What you get as a result?

  • – Express marriage – recognized all over the world .
  • – Lots of positive emotions and zero hassle.
  • – Unlimited number of certificates of marriage, legalized and translated for your country.
  • – The possibility of marriage for stateless persons, refugees.
  • – Capability to come in into a formal marriage with a civil ceremony, and with the church wedding (ceremony) of different faiths.
  • – You do not go through the abasing inspections to “prove your intentions”, which are required to obtain permission to marry in some countries of Europe and America.
  • – Assistance in preparing certificates of marital status for the citizens of ten countries in Prague.
  • – The possibility of so-called legal form of marriage without music and champagne.


The history of the company

About us

Director and co-owner of holding Inter-Wedding Julia Izhboldina-Golikova (Kaufman) is the founder of wedding tourism in the Czech Republic.

Our holding Inter-Wedding helped organize the marriages in the Czech Republic for more than 6,000 citizens of countries such as Canada, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Excellent Britain, Hungary, Germany Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Czech Republic and Sweden quickly, without unnecessary bureaucracy, legal and beautiful.

BC “White Stone” 4th Forest Lane., Four, 4th floor, office 490, Moscow, Russia 127055

Revolucni 1403/28, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

+420 773 30 2007 ( Viber, WhatsApp )

Prepayment of 400 EUR for the wedding.

Thank You! Our specialist will contact you shortly.

Privacy policy

The agreement on the processing of individual data is made in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. All persons submitting information via the form on this site and also post other information indicated the deeds confirm their consent to the processing of private data and their transfer to the operator treating individual data. Under the individual data refers to the Citizen: general information (name, email address, telephone number and other contact information), visitors send their individual information to permit subsequent communication with them. Individuals taking this Agreement express their interest and accomplish agreement that the processing of individual data may include the following: the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, switch), use, destruction. Citizen ensures: The information they provided is accurate and reliable, When the information does not crack any applicable laws of the Russian Federation, the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, All information provided is ended by the citizen in relation to himself.

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