4 Amazing “How Did You Meet Your Boyfriend?” Replies

Do you believe in love at first sight? Some people do. Others think that love takes time and you have to be 100% sure before saying those three important words. Knowing that this guy is your future destiny should feel awkward, right? Let’s take a look at 4 inspiring stories of girls who answer “How did you meet your boyfriend?” question.

  1. “We’ve worked in the same company for like 2.5 years and were just saying Hi and Bye to each other in the office. But one morning I was making coffee in our kitchen place and he came in looking sad and frustrated. I decided to have a talk and asked why he was sad and the answer was: “This day sucks! I just want to stay home and do nothing, that’s my fave thing to do”. So I said that it was my hobby too (actually it wasn’t) and offered him to do nothing together. I didn’t even imagine that there would be any “to be continued” after this. Well, we are married for 4 years now and the best thing I’ve learned from our story is that you don’t have to wait for fireworks, maybe the true love of your life is just couple of words away.” – Linnie, 32 y.o.
  2. “He was dating my friend, Sheila. I know that’s not a good thing to do but immediately after they broke up and told him I wanted to know him better. He seemed not very interested at the start, but we exchanged our phone numbers and since that moment we talked by phone for nights. He told me everything about himself and I trusted him enough all ready to tell him my stories. One day he called me at midnight and said he felt sick and the first thing I did was going to the drugstore for some pills and visiting him in my pajamas. He felt better in an hour and we talked till the sunrise. It felt amazing like he was the person I had known for my whole life. We kissed when I was leaving and since that time we’ve been together. I’m pregnant with our second baby now and feel happier than ever!” – Katherine, 29 y.o.
  3. “It was a blind date. He was a handsome guy but that was the kind of date I wanted to leave. He was answering his phone all the time, telling all that people what to do and where to go (he was volunteering for some organization). That was kinda irritating and I promised myself I would leave as soon as he goes to the WC. And I did. Bad. But I could do nothing about that and decided to forget about that guy and that date. The next day I got a flower delivery to my office with a note saying “Sorry for being a jerk. Give me a second chance”. So I did. The result: I got engaged a month before and this guy is the person who makes me a happy woman every day since that time.” – Kim, 26 y.o.
  4. “I was living in an apartment on the third floor of a beautiful 25-stories building and there was a guy living next door. He was a chef and I could feel the smells even at my place during his cooking masterclasses for his friends. One day I was carrying a huge bag from the groceries and he was locking his door smiling at me. “Do you need help?” – he asked. “No no, it’s okay, I want to cook ratatouille for my friends today and those are all the ingredients.” That was a small talk, we smiled at each other in a goodbye way and went on doing our own stuff. An hour after that the doorbell rang and there he was standing wearing a black apron and saying “You will not cook it well without my help”. That was too self-confident but I loved that. And I love it still, cause we are cooking together every other day in our own kitchen. He is the best husband ever!” – Rene, 31 y.o.

So as you can see the love of your life can be your neighbor, colleague or even a bad blind date. You just always have to give second chances and let your life twist in unexpected ways.

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