Singles Holidays over 50s clients

Singles Holidays over 50s clients

The average age of guests on any of our solo holidays tends to be inbetween 35 and 65, tho’ we accept people from 25 onwards with no upper limit. Albeit we don&rsquo,t have trips that are singles holidays exclusively for over 50s, we believe that anybody looking for a tour that&rsquo,s flawless for their age will find one with us. Our groups are welcoming, friendly, and you&rsquo,ll always be able to find something to do, whether it&rsquo,s the organised activity or not.

Just because you&rsquo,re not with people of exactly the same age, it doesn&rsquo,t mean you won&rsquo,t be part of a group of like-minded individuals. By choosing one of our holidays and electing to travel on your own, you are already putting yourself in a group of people with a very definite collective interest, and that is the ideal way to form a fresh friendship. If you are worried that you won&rsquo,t love the company, why not attempt out one of our single night trips? It&rsquo,s a fine way for you to come along and blend with a mix of people, as these trips are popular with first-timers and old-hands alike. You&rsquo,ll also have a delicious meal, a night in a lovely hotel and, if you feel like it, a dance!

Or you could attempt one of our European city cracks. These trips take place over a weekend so you get more of a taste of what Friendship Travel singles holidays are like, and can find out why we think travelling with a mixed age group is much more joy than singles holidays for over 50s or holidays for singles over 40. The feedback we get from all our guests tells us that, even if they were sceptical before forearm, people find our mixed groups much more joy than they&rsquo,ve found age-specific holidays.

Of course, given that most of our guests are inbetween 35 and 65 anyway, there will be slew of other over 50s with you during a holiday with us, so you get the best of both worlds: there are slew of people your age to spend the holiday with and you might even detect that some of the junior people are good company as well. We also find that more of our travellers are women than fellows, tho’ we do aim to have a balance of sexes on each excursion.

If the age of other travellers is of concern to you, then you can call our office for more details about the journey you&rsquo,re interested in. This will also give you the chance to talk to one of our representatives about the holiday itself and, because we make sure that somebody from the team has visited every destination, hotel and resort that we take you to, you can be assured that you&rsquo,re speaking to an experienced on the tour, who can give you clear, individual advice.

Should you want to talk to other travellers and find out for yourself how many people on your singles holidays are over 50, then simply head over to our forum and ask. You can also commence talking to people heading on the holiday with you and get to know the people you&rsquo,ll be meeting on the tour. It&rsquo,s a excellent way to begin bonding early, and you might even get a few useful tips or chunks of advice from the people there.

Ultimately, when determining inbetween singles holidays for over 50s or one of our mixed ranged packages, reminisce that on every tour your group will be accompanied by one of our friendship hosts, whose job it will be break the ice, keep you entertained and suggest slew of advice, which is another reason we think are holidays are fine for everyone.

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