Is online dating worth it?

Is online dating worth it?

Alright guys, let me give you a quick rundown. I am twenty and have never dated in hs, so I determined to attempt online dating. The very first date I went on, I liked him, but for a month he was cool, then ended up being a accomplish scumbag. Attempted a fresh site, and still no “luck”. Met up with three guys, no spark at all. Talked to a adorable one yesterday, he said he was into pursuing a serious relationship and even insisted that we meet up, then went MIA. Like is it even worth it? I get a lot of messages. But every man is a accomplish. frustration? Help

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It depends on different individuals.

I’ve met Ten women ONLY so far using online dating.

Older, matured, same-aged, junior.

Some women are bitchy, some are acting like golddiggers,

and some are compatible with your personality but you’ aren’t that sexually attracted to her physically.

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What Guys Said

online dating is all a numbers game. it does work for people, you just have to keep attempting. if you think it might work for you then you can always attempt both, online and your local area.

It is a excellent way to meet a specific kind of person. Once you embark to work, and have less time, it becomes a more time effective way to meet people. Just look out for all the married people that say they are single (masculine and female)

Online dating might be excellent or it might be shit. I met my gf on something else entirely, but it was something that we are both into and we mesh very well.

Its as not worth it for studs as it is worth it for women. Unless a dude has top notch looks , money, he truly doesn’t stand a chance. As for women, women can be average looking even below average looking and still get a ton of prospects.

Its not worth it. This is the problem with online dating, you dont have a decent very first impression of the other, its all “fake”

you can have a Skype aka movie call before you both meet up, so it’ gives you sense of assure that this woman/dude worth suspending out on a date.

Well I’ve met a few women online and it never worked out. If anything it led to hook-up but not much more. If your looking for lovemaking then good, but dont count on getting in a relationship from an online source. The old fashioned way is more secure ie. friends of friends, co workers (careful tho’)

What Ladies Said

I find that the dating sites where you pay for members seem to take dating more earnestly.

The very first dude was actually on a paid site. The other three were on a free site.

Seems like you got through more with the 1st one (Meaning he didn’t vanish, you both just weren’t compatible). I would stick to online paid sites.

Never take online dating too serious i think..

Most of the time it’s for meet up not for relationship i guess..

Even i know some stories that some duo, that they are know each other from online dating and became a real duo..

but base on my practice it’s almost unlikely..

You’re 20 so I’m assuming you’re still in school right? Take advantage of that. So much lighter and better meeting someone through a class or club.

Online dating CAN work but don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Online dating doesn’t always work. I admire your persistence however and I am sure you will find someone for you. Your only 20 so don’t get into a relationship too hastily. Live life while your still single. Have joy with your friends.

I hate to say it, but it depends. I think if you go on maybe not attempting to be too serious about it, you’d be pleasurably astonished. If you are too intense about it, you might end up disappointed.

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Online dating worth it?

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