EHarmony Reviews – 1, 091 Reviews of, Sitejabber

EHarmony Reviews - 1, 091 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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The Only Good Looking Guys turned out to be Scams and eHarmony deleted them or I informed them I however the man was a Scam and Then they deleted the fellow. The rest of the guys are so Hopelessly unattractive! They say it',s ",sophisticated", matching!! Indeed? I am an active 56 year old woman. the guys they',ve sent me don',t look like they',d make it around the block much less up a mountain. Total waste of time!

eHarmony is a nice site with a lot of nice people but ive given it a year (had highs and lows) and determined to budge on. Its true what they say – what works for one doesnt always work for all. I',m going to attempt as a few reviews say it',s much better than the other sites that are available, so feeling optimistic about that one. Onwards and upwards!

eHarmony claims to have a sophisticated matching algorithm that considers a lot of psychological questions. I doubt that the responses of these questions are being used at all. I have used eHarmony for about a year and I can assure that there matching algorithm is simply ",if we can',t find any figure that meets his/her preferences, just send him/her Ten – 15 random matches just in case even if they don',t meet his/her preferences at all",. Don',t waste your time and money on this site. It is over priced for nothing. This site doesn',t give you the choice to look up matches yourself. And earnestly it doesn',tt even consider you search preferences at all. It will send you a number of matches every morning and usully most of matches you receive every morning will have soemthing in common (e.g., today most matches are from the East Coast, tomorrow most matches are all from Colorado, a week ago most matches are from one ethnicity or , and so on) I don',t think they truly send matches based on preferences. They just want to send you 10- 15 matches regardless to make it sound like a useful site. This site doesn',t respect physical preferences such as height for example.

Also it is VERY expensive and that discourages people from being paid members. It may permit unpaid members to send and receive questions and their pre-selected answers only without permitting them to view the picture of the other matches. The question is, how would that help? what',s the point of just answering some MCQ without even knowing how the person I am answering her MCQ',s look like?

Save your money.

Very first and foremost, it doesn',t permit you the capability to choose. If you',re picky about dates, and a man',s attractive qualities, you',re going to be sorely disappointed because the guys seem to be entitled on this site. Maybe because they',re paying for it, and they think that hops their game up fairly a bit.

It seems like the ones in your league don',t choose you because they',re attempting to go out of their league, and the ones that are unattractive are all of the ones attempting to connect with you. You only get like 1-3 fresh ones a day, and that',s all you have. It was not good, and to be fairly frank, I think unattractive studs without any game go there thinking they',re going to find their wives and also someone good looking too.

I wish I had read the reviews before I signed up for this service. The ",matches", I',ve been sent don',t coincide with my preferences–at all. The few guys who have contacted me are not people I would ever consider dating, primarily because of our very different socioeconomic circumstances and education levels. I have two master',s degrees. I',d have little in common with a retired house painter. They all, without exception, very obviously lied about their respective ages, as well. ",I',m 59.", (No–you',re much closer to 70. Your liver catches sight of, bad toupee, and oversized false teeth give you away.) Oh–and beware of the Nigerian scammers, who will, at some point, come calling.

i joined eH for a lil',while and got myself a subscription which i stopped using after 6 weeks because had mulitiple accounts on several dating sites and found a nice woman on mingle2day. totally left behind about my eH membership. after a while the woman i dated turned out to be a pervert and we broke up again. It ended before it even embarked. Went back to mingle2day and eH and used both sites at the same time again. turns out that there are very interesting members on eH and i already arranged a few dates.

Same faces over the past ten months, the matches were not within my preference guidelines, waste of money..

No service. Provided Four matches in month versus daily elsewhere. By time you find out can',t cancel. Very rude. Don',t waste your time or money.

Big rip off. Majority of masculines are scammers.

Dont join if youre wise! Ads must be bogus.

They say they cant control scammers which is true

but I ran into one who was an accomplished.

i left behind the password and the site NEVER sent me a link so i am paying for something i am not using. they just tdo not reaction.

I should have looked for reviews but instead I lost money. What a joke! I have nothing nice to say! Just take the majority',s advice, don',t waste your money!

I set up a profile it showcased my blurred out pics of many woman in my area but when I paid for the 6 month subscription I was then astonished to see only Ten and now I can',t deactivate my account until they take the total amount of the 6 months which is Three payments of like $30 I set up the profile and desired to cancel on same day. A accomplish waste of almost $90 of which I can',t stop them from taking total ripoff.

why does e harmony resort to paying spammers to send ads that are annoying me daily. I would never use anything that employs spammers. anyone reading this. NEVER buy anything, or any service that pays spammers to pack e-mail boxes with un-wanted ads. only an unethical company would use this method.

Matches ya right this site should be eliminated, it just takes your money no option to cancel. This is a get rich for this company, you cant loosely speak to anyone and the matches they choose are so left of my right. Match you up because you like dogs or worse because only if you say you dont drink they force you find a drinker because that makes you more attractive ya maybe if I drank a gallon of alcohol would I find this site worth it. Please dont gargle your money on eharmony.

I',m getting boys with high school education, while I have a master',s, people hundreds of miles away, people with nothing in common. and I don',t understand. I can',t hide people or block people because the site won',t let me, and I can',t give feedback or get help. A waste of time and money!!

Eharmony prides itself on finding matches for YOU! However, I get women 20 years out of my age range, 200 miles away, and nothing like I',m am looking for! There million $ commercials are ridiculous. I',m not a picky boy and opened up my ranges, for better exposure and still no remotely close matches. I would not suggest this to a friend or foe. Plus, I',m only Four months into my subscription. NOT ADVISED!!

Trust me. Dont waste your money. There is always a risk of untruthful subscribers BUT I believe it is Eharmony who creates fake connections and communications for you so that you think there are positive outcomes. Then they terminate these profiles all of a unexpected and wont disclose why.

I spent two months on the service only to find zero matches because there were no matches that collective with my views on not drinking alcohol. I contacted them and told them I was receiving no matches and was not receiving any value for the money I was spending and asked for them to cancel the six month contract. They refused . What a scam. Any conscious business would graciously agree to cancel a contract for something someone had found no value in their service.

I get about one match a week which consists of about Three sentences. maybe. One didn',t even have a photo. With all the hype and money they spend on ads to get you hooked I expected wayyy more. Don',t do it.

Eharmony doesn',t work like other sites where it shows you only a few matches every few days which can be a good thing, makes you think it was a well thought out process. I have to say that a lot of times I wonder why they consider a person a match like if you both like dogs, as another reviewer wrote, doesn',t necessarily mean you have the chops to make it as a duo. I did meet (online) more normal good people on this site than on slew of fish or okay cupid. So I would say yes, the filtration process for creeps is much better still not a very successful way to meet someone I believe. The consumer service is super crappy as ",per terms and agreements", seems to be their only response to any dissatisfied customer. You can pay for a membership but can never opt out until your time runs out. Super crappy. So I',m thinking, well a year is a long time, so if I have a bf, I',m meant to just stay on this site until the time runs out? That',s just a fight waiting to happen but hey, maybe that',s what they want, just to keep you on eharmony forever *shudder*. It doesn',t seem like they truly care about the users on the site actually finding love. It feels like they just want your money and put more concentrate into how they can keep a continuous income from people than actually helping people find a love match they can grow a relationship with. It feels much more catered to the very first steps of dating than actually establishing something. Also, some profiles seem to be created by the company to entice you to stay on. Sounds like a mighty accusation but honestly, I wouldn',t be astonished. Eharmony is that frenemy you don',t need in your life that says they want you to succeed but will do anything to keep you where they want you to be. Well, if anything, it',s good practice for getting yourself out there and having those epiphanies that help you stir to the next real thing. Thanks for the life lessons, eharmony. Undoubtedly looking forward to deleting my account and not looking back. Also, be aware of the automatic subscriptions! If you don',t actually go turn this off, they will keep automatically charging you and you won',t be able to ever get out. Hotel freaking California, man. Proceed cautiously.

Questions &, Answers

Q: &ldquo, I determined to look into EHarmony . just began . I am on a review site now . Why are there only several positive. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, Don',t do eHarmony. Attempt Slew of Fish, OurTime, If I could give them less than one starlet I would. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, What is a monthly membership cost? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, EHarmony is a very unethical company. Too bad we don',t have strong regulations against such immoral companies. They. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, If I find someone can I get a refund or lightly cancel my membership? &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, I am 65 and am looking for someone 50 ish. Is that possible or are there limitations on age recommendations &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, E harmony is a joke no matter what age you are, the site is a fraud &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, How do I prevent auto renewal? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, use a pre paid credit card and only flow the amount of the subscription you want onto the card, works every time and. &rdquo,

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