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Carnival is celebrated across Brazil, but both most widely used Carnivals are Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Bahia. I have been to both and had the time of my life. It is difficult to choose that will be better, but I have compiled a set of factors which could influence your choice in choosing the correct one for you personally!

In Salvador, you are feeling as you are in an enormous non stop party since there are millions of people on the street – dancing, drinking, following their dearest bands – it’s actually the largest street party best dating sites 2015 on the planet based on the Guinness Book of World Records. In Rio de Janeiro, it’s literally one of the most amazing shows I have seen in my life – the costumes, choreography, music, passion – It hits the hell out of any Vegas Display (makes a Vegas Demonstrate look like a senior school play).

Below I have compiled a contrast of both Carnivals.

It is late summer in both destinations. Expect weather in the high 70s to high 80s.

Flight Time: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is a much fatter airport than Salvador and there are direct flights to Rio or Sao Paulo from across the world. The only direct flight from the US to Salvador is on AA via Miami and there some flights from Spain and Portugual that fly directly there as well. The flight time taken inbetween Sao Paulo and Salvador is Two.Five hours vs. a just 45 minute from Sao Paulo

English Spoken: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is a much fatter city and English is spoken more in Rio, but generally you will not find slew of English speakers in Brazil in general.

Food: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

The Salvador cuisine is world re-known and delicious. If this is any other time besides Carnival, I’d opt for Salvador, but during Carnival, you could have a lot more options in Rio for food as it is a larger city.

Beaches: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Salvador has a ton of beaches, but inbetween both cities, you can’t top Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, especially because of the eye candy.

Party Atmosphere: Winner – Salvador Carnival

Without doubt it’s Salvador. Imagine millions of people just going absolutely nuts.

Sophisticated Partying: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Rio is certainly more sophisticated than Salvador as it is a larger city and does have significantly more exuberant parties just like the Copacabana Palace Ball for example. Albeit best dating sites 2015 has parties which can be creme of the creme, just like the Salvador Camarote. In both cases, all of the exuberant parties are very costly, but Rio takes the cake when you will dsicover the kind of Naomi Campbell, Giselle, and other International starlets at the parties in Rio.

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