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Top TV Series - Best TV Shows of 2017 and All Time - Rotten Tomatoes

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Critic Consensus: By voluntarily throating up its premise, The Good Place sets up a 2nd season that proves even funnier than its very first.

Critic Consensus: The Provoking Ones is a compelling, comprehensive portrait of two visionaries that illuminates both their colorful pasts and their historic influence on the music industry.

Critic Consensus: Biting social commentary and Sarah Gadon’s hypnotic spectacle make Alias Grace a worthy addition to the Margaret Atwood adaptation catalog.

Critic Consensus: American Vandal pays satirical dividends while also working as a genuinely absorbing mystery that offers thought-provoking commentary on modern entertainment.

Critic Consensus: Mindhunter distinguishes itself in a crowded genre with ambitiously cinematic visuals and a meticulous attention to character development.

Critic Consensus: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is an upbeat addition to Amazon’s original offerings, propelled by a playful yet poignant spectacle by Rachel Brosnahan.

Critic Consensus: Wormwood’s real-life mystery unfolds in hypothetical tendrils guided by Errol Morris’ singular vision and style that will keep viewers engaged despite the four-hour run time.

Critic Consensus: Smartly unpredictable and led by powerful spectacles from a talented cast, the darkly compelling The Sinner submerges its hooks in swift and doesn’t let go.

Critic Consensus: Stranger Things’ slow-building sophomore season balances moments of humor and a nostalgic sweetness against a growing horror that’s all the more effective thanks to the demonstrate’s full-bodied characters and evocative tone.

Critic Consensus: The Crown resumes its reign with a self-assured sophomore season that indulges in high drama and sumptuous costumes.

Critic Consensus: Black Mirror proves with its fourth season that the series still has ample source material to horrify fans with technology that is now — or soon could become — an integral part of our lives.

Critic Consensus: Vistas and violence root Godless rigidly in traditional Western territory, but its female-driven ensemble sets it apart in a male-dominated genre.

Critic Consensus: Will & Grace reunites its ever-hilarious cast for a revival season that picks up right where the display left off 11 years ago — adding a fresh relevance and a series of stories that make sharply funny use of the passage of time.

Critic Consensus: Joy, fascinating and feminist, Spike Lee’s classic is born again for a fresh generation.

Critic Consensus: Dark’s central mystery unfolds leisurely, both tense and appalling, culminating in a creepy, cinematic triumph of sci-fi noir.

Critic Consensus: The Mayor gets off to a promising begin in its very first season, elevated by a charmingly hopeful tone and political humor that reaches amiably across the aisle.

Critic Consensus: Albeit it takes an scene to achieve liftoff, Starlet Trek: Discovery produces a solid franchise installment for the next generation — boldly led by the charismatic Sonequa Martin-Green.

Critic Consensus: Earnest, joy, and more balanced than its source material, Runaways finds strong footing in an over-saturated genre.

Critic Consensus: Future Man’s nostalgia-driven premise is elevated by the cast’s compelling chemistry and a sense of humor just dumb enough to lighten the sci-fi blast.

Critic Consensus: Fine spectacles and a likable, realistic family dealing with autism lift Atypical above its alarming tonal shifts and predictability.

Critic Consensus: Curb Your Enthusiasm comes back after a long layoff with a batch of scenes that proceed to mine fresh – if not particularly groundbreaking – misanthropic laughs.

Critic Consensus: Blessed! certainly isn’t for everyone, but its appealingly oddball concept and strong spectacles from Chris Meloni and Patton Oswalt make for a gritty, dark comedy with definite — albeit unusual — appeal.

Critic Consensus: Youthful Sheldon’s appealing cast and relatable themes bring a fresh — and overall pleasant — perspective to its central character’s familiar story.

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