Okcupid – account deletion, Review 636198, Complaints Board

Okcupid - account deletion, Review 636198, Complaints Board

I',ve had a dozen different profiles on there, basically because, well, the a!*#$le “moderators” keep deleting them!

They last inbetween Three days to Three weeks then you Can',t log in for “technical difficulties”

I',ve never violated their rules. In fact, I',ve nicely polished off my profile, generously expanding and adding things to it: making it funny, telling more and more about my interests and background. That sort of thing. Then when I least expect it, I',ll log in one day and Won',t be able to log in!

Their “moderators” are a hundred or more a!*#$les located across the country. They are typically in their 20s or early 30s and literally play god with their powers. They secretly read e-mail. They make their own bogus accounts and talk to different people through them (they call this an “experiment” incidentally–whatever they do they “Justify”!).

They haven',t even got the decency to say “Your account no longer exists” Instead they come up with this “We',re having technical difficulties. attempt again later” message. So you keep attempting and attempting and attempting and attempting to log in–but your account',s been Wiped!

It was not accomplished overnight. It took Some Time to do all this work. That',s how much faith and trust I had in OKCupid',s system.

Then one day I attempted to log in and Couldn',t.



I had Fine photos posted: ski pics, outside on my deck, etc. I have answered1500+ questions answered over the Trio years!

All of a sudden, 6 days ago, I could not login! I cannot figure this out!

I attempted logging in at a library, and I had the SAME problem. They have somehow screwed-up my account, it is not a PC or browser problem.

We&rsquo,re having technical difficulties, attempt again later.

I have only set up the account. I have not even interacted with a single person so why am I blocked?

The way I see it, two photos and a psychological profile have been stolen from me.

How do I know what they may now be doing with that data?

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