Ok hookup review

Ok hookup review

Please talk and debate your political views, news, and political scams here. Expose the lies and hypocrisy. Register to reply and post for free.

MLM Scams

Multi level marketing and Get Rich Quick schemes legal and illegal. MLM Scams!

Internet Scams

The world broad web has been called The Wild West. Post all your internet scam practices here. And there’s evil out there, trust us.

Religious Scams

Some of the oldest scams since the beginning of time have been under the category of religion scams.

General Talk

A talk forum where you can do NON-SCAM-RELATED posts. Speak your mind, go on record.

Work at Home Scams

We have all seen these ads. Who are the good, bad, and ugly? Should you work from home or is it a scam?

Business Scams

Talk about companies’ business strategy that seems questionable and the scams they attempt to pull on the public.

Conspiracy Theories

Sometimes logic just doesn’t cut it! Here’s a forum for government conspiracies and other possible explainations to all the unanswered questions out there.

Investment Scams

Boiler room scams, telemarketers, and money scams. Talk about investment scams here and help people from getting ripped off.

Science Scams

This forum was created for intellectual debates over science scams / controversy and it’s effect on society. No subject is taboo or off boundaries here. The truth is truly out there!

Corporate Scams

With big money comes big scams. Many hide behind corporate structure to avoid private liabilty. Post your corporate scams here!!

Mail Order Scams

Everyone has received offers in the mail that are ‘too good to be true’ mail scams. Unless everyone unites and shuts down these scammers, these businesses will proceed to take advantage of people. (especially old people)

Insurance Scams

Insurance rates are off the chart due to people scamming insurance companies. Also post how insurance companies have scammed you.

Government Scams

Taxes, laws, conspiracies, and government cover-ups city, state, and nationwide.

Used Car Scams

Used car scams, fraudulent rebates, and unethical advertising mechanisms.

Retail Scams

Post all your “bait and switch” advertising practices or links here.

Charity Scams

The truth about charities and the money they steal from people.

Medical Scams

Gotten ripped off by a doctor, service, or insurance company? Report them right here

Sports Scams

This section is for sports controversy. This includes drug use, cheating, gambling, sports news, and sports scams.

Hotel Scams

There has been an increase in internet hotel scams lately, enough to warrrant it’s own section on scam.com.

Don’t Witness These Movies

Don’t get scammed ! These movies are horrible. Hate welcome for these Hollywood scams. Don’t See These Movies .Movie reviews and trailers for these bad movies.

Email Scams

We all get them. Post all your email scams here and help people be protected from these email scammers!

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