35 Random Corners Of The Internet You Should Visit When You Need A Break

35 Random Corners Of The Internet You Should Visit When You Need A Break

1. Here Is Today

An interactive timeline that will put your day in perspective.

Two. Do Nothing For Two Minutes

Take a break from everything and loosen with the sound of swings for two minutes. If you budge your mouse or touch your keyboard, the clock starts over.

Trio. Weave Silk

This interactive art generator plays calming sounds as you get lost in the art that you built.

Four. The Thoughts Room

Put down your devices and just sit with your thoughts for a moment. Unload the things that are weighing on you into the “status box” and they “will vanish by literally bursting into thousands of starlets so you can ultimately find some rest.”

Five. Rainy Mood

Just rain. Just sit and listen to the rain.

6. The Tone Matrix

Click on the squares and a lovely little jingle will emerge.

7. Eel Smack!

You never knew you needed this but you do!, Just scroll over this man’s face and smack him with an eel. It’s even better in slo-mo and switch sides!,

8. Picasso Head

Have joy building some Picasso figures and reveling in Cubism.

9. Paint a Nebula

An exceptionally beautiful site that makes the universe your coloring book.

Ten. Heeeeeeeey

Take a minute to party like it’s 1993? Always.

11. Cat Bounce

Just some cat’s bouncin’. The background color switches and it’s kind of hard to look away. Love.

12. Cray Machine

Lowercase letters have never been this joy!,

13. Paint Like Jackson Pollock

Channel your internal abstract Expressionist and see if you can make a masterpiece.

14. Staggering Beauty

A web version of the dancing balloon outside the car dealership. Staggering beauty, indeed. [WARNING: Contains flashing pictures.]

15. The Unwrong Fractal Explorer

“Click and haul a rectangle to explore different regions of the famous Mandelbrot Set Argh!,!, It goes on forever!,”

16. Falling Falling

Just let it all fall away.

17. The Chance Mars Rover

Explore the surface of Mars with this interactive panorama.

Legitimate. The Quiet Place

With all the notifications and alerts you get a day, it’s almost hard to recall what being disconnected feels like. Sometimes you just need a quiet place.

Nineteen. Fly a Line

I’m not sure what’s so captivating about watching this line go after your mouse but the perspective shifts are hypnotizing.

20. Endless Interestingness

An endless stream of beautiful pictures found on Flickr.

21. Nulling the Void

Observe things explode to null the void? I don’t know if this is what Nietzsche had in mind. Bloop.

22. Man in the Dark

It’s a bit ghoulish, but there’s something about this floating man that’s also soothing. Perhaps it’s the faint reminder of your own mortality ebbing against the screen that makes it hard to look away? Or the pretty color blends?

23. Lucio Fontana

This website uses the artwork of Rafael Rozeendal for an enchanting yet eerie effect.

24. Particle Knot Sequencer

“An experimental particle based audio sequencer.” Joy!,

25. Ink Blobs

Make the linky things link up into blobs.

26. Liquid Particles

Interact with the mouse to form and disrupt particle clusters.

27. Secrets of Nicotine

I don’t know. It’s just like this one song and these random things. But it’s so beautiful.

28. Drawminos

That awesome feeling when you witness the Domino chain unfurl.

29. Pointer Pointer

An pic will show up with someone pointing to the place you last left your cursor.

30. BYO Kaleidoscope

Build your own Kaleidoscope!,

31. Koalas to the Max

Click on the circles and they get smaller and smaller and smaller. Just interactive pointless infinity.

32. Into Time

Click on the screen to create smaller and smaller rectangles, so yes, more interactive pointless infinity. Except this time with a little more color!,

33. The Kanye Zone

OK, so this is certainly not as soothing as listening to rain, but it’s still a joy distraction. Don’t let Kanye into his zone!,

34. The Dawn Room

If you’re feeling down, visit the dawn room for a touching reminder of what we hold in our hearts but should always say aloud to those we love. Gravely, prepare the tissues for this one.

35. And lastly, just go on over and press the crimson button.

A message from me to you.

That’s all, Have a nice day :]

Major h/t to this post by Tumblr user Writing Weasels and the website The Worthless Web for providing me with endless hours of amusement.

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