Teen’s first kiss: should it be perfect?

Being a teenager is an exciting but also scary time. It’s when you fall in love for the first time, find a true friendship and maybe even break your heart. But most importantly, it’s time for your first kiss. With all these romantic movies and books we all get our own idea of how our perfect kiss should go. We have dreams about it and keep it running over our minds. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t always come out the way we wanted…

This is how the most important question comes: should your teen’s first kiss be absolutely perfect? And is it even possible to have a perfect experience when it’s your first time? Let’s consider some reasons why your teens first kiss should or should not be perfect.

Knowing when you are ready

Not rushing into this whole kissing thing maybe the advice that would sound a bit too “adult” for teenagers, but it actually would be very helpful to keep that in your mind. The main worry most teenagers have before their first kiss is that they are getting too old. It may sound funny for adults, who have already realized that there is nothing bad in kissing a bit later, but for a teenager, it may become a major problem, especially when all his/her friends have already had their first kiss and now seem like experts in this kissing subject. Though, there is not such a thing as being too old for kissing. And there is nothing worth than to kiss someone when you are not actually ready to do it. Doing something “mainstream” will never give you enough satisfaction, so better wait for the moment when you’ll actually feel ready.

Knowing what to expect

If you are in your teens and your crush is not older (and not more experienced) than you are, you should be ready that this kiss might be a little bit different from what you have expected. Firstly, you should know that teen’s first kiss would be awkward. You would be nervous and instead of enjoying all the process, you’ll be thinking where should you put your hands and is it okay to use tongue or better to not…

It might also feel a little bit different from what you’ve expected. Don’t be surprised if after that kiss your mouth will be all wet with your partner’s saliva. It may sound gross but it wouldn’t matter if you really like your crush.

Knowing the right time

Knowing how to read your partner’s body language will give you a key to success before your first kiss. Understanding when your crush is simply flirting with you and when he/she is giving you signs to act, will give you a chance to make your best move at the perfect time. Among the most common signs are making an eye contact, touching partner’s hand, biting or licking lips. Though, if you are not too good at reading body signs, the perfect time for your first kiss would be when saying good-buy after the date. If you feel that your date is nervous in anticipating a kiss (and if you want the same) just go for it!

Knowing how to kiss

Honestly, nowadays it’s not even a question anymore. With a huge variety of kissing tips you can find on the Internet, everyone can get a good theoretical base for your first kiss. Unfortunately, knowing theory is not enough to become a great kisser. The best skills come with practice and you can’t get it without trying first. Though, we can still give you advice to help you have the most perfect kiss you could expected. The rules are simple: relax, go with a flow, don’t overthink and if you are in doubt, let your partner take the lead.

Maybe there is no such a thing as a perfect teen’s first kiss. When you don’t have enough practice, you still need to work on it and learn to make it the way you want. However, you can also change your attitude about it and don’t expect your first kiss to be perfect. We hope, that it will help you to enjoy your first kiss, no matter how it’ll go.

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