Latest & Best Android Apps and Games – Latest Android Applications Reviews

Latest & Best Android Apps and Games - Recent Android Applications Reviews

Need to sate your sweet tooth while getting a dose of puzzle matching goodness? Look no further than Chr..

Track different types of shipping carriers’ packages through Package Tracker Pro application right from you..

Paint Joy is one of the best drawing application with well designed drawing programme for your Android Sma..

Lightly access news and everything at one place through this Reddit application on your Android Smart-device..

  • GPS Phone Tracker Lite Android App
  • Transportation

GPS Phone Tracker Lite is easy-to-use phone tracker application that permits you to go after the location of o..

  • Work Calendar Android App
  • Business

You can lightly add your shifts and planned works through Work Calendar application on your Android Smart-de..

  • Find Objects Android App
  • Games

Find Objects provides you endless joy with searching different types of hidden-objects on your Android Smar..

  • Catch the Candies Android App
  • Family

Catch the Candies is an entertaining puzzle game for Android Smart-device. You plan to take a group of love..

  • Flute Sound Plugin Android App
  • Music

Flute Sound Plugin is one of the best flute sound application for Android. Very first you have to install Walk B..

  • Prize Hen Android App
  • Shopping

Get paid real money to play games on your phone!

Play games and earn cash, prizes, and bounty cards ..

  • VideoRegPro Android App
  • Transportation

VideoRegPro is one of the best ordinary and handy movie recording application that permits you to record your ..

  • Pi SMS Collection Android App
  • Social Networking

Get a large collection with different categories of SMS through Pi SMS Collection application on your Andro..

  • Threema Android App
  • Communication

Love messaging with end-to-end encryption through Threema application on your Android Smart-device. Our s..

  • Mirror Android App
  • Lifestyle

This is one of the best mirror application with clear photo visibility for Android Smart-device. Use effortless..

  • Rabid Hop Android App
  • Games

Rabid Leap has ultimately been released. This activity packed, thriller. kind of. puts you into the world o..

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