How to view emails for free

How to view emails for free

What is exists to make it effortless for those individuals, interested in dating persons to meet other like minded individuals, using the power of the internet. In other words, it is an internet based dating agency.

Are members on this site screened?

Not always. A valid email address is required in order to obtain the utter benefit of this site. Anyone manhandling the services will be banned. However, our service is otherwise confidential. There is no way that we can do extensive background checks on members, and we expect you to understand that we cannot take responsibility for any anguish, harm or suffering arising from your use of this site. Please use your common sense and be careful about providing out private information to people you meet on this site.

If I left behind my password or nickname, what do I do?

Simply go after the link to our home page and under members login section, click on Left behind Password for our automated password/nickname lookup form. Your nickname and Password is then emailed to your email account.

I am incapable to log in, but I use the right nickname and password. Why?

Please setup Internet Security settings of your browser on middle level. Menu: Instruments >>> Internet Options >>> Security, select medium level and click at “OK” button. Please Attempt to Log In Now. If you still can’t log in please check cookies setting at your browser. They must be in Enabled mode. Information About Cookies on If you use other security or ad blockers programs please put at their white list.

How do I switch my password?

  • Log into the site using your nickname and password.
  • Click on the “My Profile” and scroll down to where your password is
  • Inject your fresh password in the suitable box and click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

How do I switch my email address?

  • Log into the site using your nickname and password.
  • Click on the “My Profile” and scroll down to where your email address is.
  • Inject your fresh email address in the adequate box and click on the “Submit” button at the

How do I search for members?

There are two ways that you can search our database: by nickname or by preferences. If you are looking for a specific person and you reminisce their nickname, inject it in the ‘nickname’ field at the top of the Search Page. If you are not looking for a specific person, but rather someone who matches a description you give, then use the 2nd form on the Search Page, which permits you to describe the kind of person you are looking for. You can search by almost any category of information that we keep track of, including lovemaking, location, languages spoken, etc.

How do I get email from other members? uses a sophisticated emailing system. When you get mail, it goes into your mailbox on, and you are also automatically notified in your private email address. (The sender does not get to see your private email address. This dual emailing is driven by our database.) This will present you with a link back to, where you can then log in as usual to read your mail.

How do I temporarily turn my listing off? To ‘turn off’ your profile so that ot her members cannot see it, please go after these steps:

  • Log into with your nickname and password.
  • Click on the “Control Panel” or “My Profile” link under Member Menu at the top right mitt side of the page
  • Click on “Suspend Account” and go after the instruction.
  • If you later want to switch roles it, go back into the same page and click on “Activate Account”.

How do I permanently eliminate my listing and delete my account?

To permanently delete your profile, please contact our administrator. This is not recommended in case you later switch your mind. Moreover, you can securely suspend your account and no one will be able to view your profile.

How do I update my profile?

To update your profile, please go after these steps:

  • Log into the site using your nickname and password.
  • Click on the “My Profile” under Member Menu to the top left arm side of the page.
  • Make all necessary switches and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.

Why should I upload my photos?

Looking at photos is an significant part of most people’s selection process. A nice picture of yourself adds personality and presence to your profile and profiles with photos get browsed ten times more often than those without photos.

What are the guidelines for posting a photo?

Photographs will not show up on the site until they are approved by our customer services. We reserve the right to reject any photo at our discretion. Our system automatically crops all photos to fit into our standard size.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Choose a latest photo that reflects your current appearance. Use a photo of yourself alone for your primary pic.
  • Attempt group photos for other non-primary pics.
  • Nude, obscene, sexual or otherwise offensive photos will not be posted.
  • Cartoon characters and photos of celebrities are copyrighted and will not be posted.
  • You must be in the photo and clearly visible.
  • Pictures of minors (children) will ensure rejection of the photograph.

How do I post a photo?

Firstly you have to login into the site with your nickname and password. Click on “Upload Photos”, under Member Menu and go after the instructions. Once approved, uploaded photos will be posted as they are submitted. Our system automatically crops your photo if necessary before uploading it. Due to the volume of photos that we receive, it may take up to Five working days for your photo to emerge on your profile.


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