Emo Dating Sites, LoveToKnow

Emo Dating Sites, LoveToKnow

Emo dating sites pack a very specific need, helping singles in this punk demographic find each other. The emo scene has its own look, its own music, and its own rituals of dating, and these sites help bring together the kindred spirits.

Are You Emo?

“Emo” is brief for “emotional,” and by that criteria almost anyone looking for love would fall into the category. However, the three letters have come to mean a lot more since the punk music movement of the 1980’s. Today’s “emo” is a style packed with dark hair artfully hiding a face from the sorrows of the world, dark eyes rimmed with liner and tears looking for an understanding soul somewhere else. Some people think that to be “emo” means to be sad all the time, but that’s not necessarily true. It’s more about feeling emotions more strongly, and that includes happiness (emo parties are legendary) and especially love.

You can use some of the most popular dating sites in your search. One of the thickest, OK Cupid, has a test to measure your own emo-ness. Posting the results to your profile can help you find other emo singles, but attempting to weed out the the truly emotional from those who just want to make joy of the style can be hard.

Finding True Emo Dating Sites

Alternative Hookups looks like a pretty lame site at very first glance, without much design or many features. However, that’s one of its strengths. Rather than have all kinds of gimmicks, it simply lets the members post pictures and words to their profiles. Even better for a hopeful emo, they provide a special area to post musical tastes. Like Less Than Jake and Silverstein and want to display off your ink? This is the site that makes it happen.

Club Emo also has fairly a few members and a more designed interface, including the capability to send members little “flirts” just to let them know you’re interested. However, you can’t do everything on the site for free, like you can on Alt Hookups, you need to pay a fee in order to send messages to other members (tho’ you can upload photos and have them message you).

Goth &, Emo

While it’s not the same as emo, the goth scene has many common interests, styles, and some musical similarities. That’s why sites like Emo Dating Site shows “Goth Saluting Cards” and “Gothic” blogs and forums on their sidebar. This is another site that lets you do a few things for free, but reserves most of the site’s functions for their “Gold” members. However, you can actually earn a Gold membership through being active on the site in the forums, spreading word of the site through social media like Twitter and Facebook, or even just policing the site for scammers and people who don’t indeed belong on an emo site.

Fitting in with the Misfits

One of the best parts of the emo/goth site is that it has over 600 tips for dating other emo and goth singles. These tips range from elementary things like taking better photos and spiffing up your profile to warnings about safer hook-up practices or advice on dating someone much older or junior. Even if they’re not looking for that special someone, any emo person can use these sites to help find another soul who might understand, just a little, how they feel.

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