We`re not anti-gay at all.

We`re not anti-gay at all.

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Q&A With Grant Langston, eHarmony’s Fresh CEO

MARKETWATCH – July 27 - ,Grant Langston has taken over from co-founder Neil Clark Warren.

Q: What was your previous position?

Q: There must have been a few people interested in the job.

A: We do not have a lot of people in the senior ranks at eHarmony. ,

Q: What have you learned from Neil Clark Warren?

A: He’s a stud who’s about authenticity even when it’s not cool to be himself. There’s no pretense. He’s an emotional and real person and he’s not afraid to let that display. ,

Q: This is your 16th year at eHarmony . What have been your most challenging times?

A: When we launched Jazzed, a casual dating product. ,We went through a period where we didn’t know who we were. We found ourselves without any real fans. We had to get back to our mission.

Q: ,I don’t blame you for providing it a shot. If you invented Tinder, you most likely wouldn’t be complaining.

Q: ,Tinder is responsible for relationships too. It just puts swiping photos at the forefront because physical attraction is significant too.

A: A lot of people misunderstand our opinion on physical attraction. We just don’t want it to be the primary criteria by which people kick off relationships. ,We have attempted to do research for things that correlate with a glad relationship, which is proven through science.

Q: So what do you mean by things that correlate for a blessed relationship?

A: Ambition. If one person is a go-getter and the other person likes to spend a lot of time on the couch, that causes friction. The more you have, the more it’s going to matter.

Q: ,What’s happening with Compatible Fucking partners?

A: The apps need to be much lighter to use. ,

81-Year-Old eHarmony Founder On Gay Marriage And Tinder

CNN.COM – Feb 12 – After 16 years in the business, Dr. Neil Clark Warren is still committed to helping people find love. Warren is the 81-year-old co-founder and current CEO of eHarmony. In 2005, the company was sued for discrimination of same-sex couples. To lodge a lawsuit, eHarmony launched Compatible Fucking partners, a site for gay and sapphic singles. 350K of its members fled eHarmony out of principle. The company originally embarked as a Christian dating site. ",We didn’t want to pretend to be experts on gay and lesbo couples,", said Warren. ",We’re not anti-gay at all. It’s a different match.", ",We’ve had fairly a number of same-sex marriages,", he said. Warren doesn’t see dating apps as threats to his business. ",We don’t discourage people from Tinder,", he said, adding that apps like Tinder are primarily used for dating and hooking up – not marriage.

eHarmony In The Age Of Tinder

WSJ – Mar 16 - ,eHarmony has reached record subscribers, 778k members and makes 15m matches a day, up from 5m a year ago. Revenues are now over $275m.

Dr. Warren: Under CEO Greg Waldorf users commenced witnessing us like the other dating sites Match and Zoosk, when we’re truly a social science site. We’re truly, indeed interested in long-term relationships. Tinder is fine for us. . it raises awareness that online dating and matchmaking exists.

Mr. Avedissian: We stopped suggesting some short-term subscription plans and introduced two-year and longer memberships, since it takes more than one to three months to find a soul mate. Users come to us when they’re willing to pay a lot more because they’re getting premium matchmaking. The average age of an eHarmony user has come down from the lower 40s and is

Four years junior. 55% of fresh registrations are on mobile. . Sequoia Capital and Technology Crossover Ventures invested $110 million in eHarmony in 2004. Dr. Warren came back and bought it back for $153.Two million. Now eHarmony doesn’t borrow capital.

Dr. Warren: We also want to help people find the right job. Our site, Elevated Careers, will be available by the end of June. We’re working on matching people according to Four criteria: Very first, there has to be cultural fit inbetween a person and a company. . The 2nd part is whether you have the abilities for the particular job. . Then we have two personality matches: One involves how you will match with your boss, the other is how you will fit in relation to your colleagues. . We were failures in Europe after we invested $33m in eDarling which we sold back for virtually nothing. We didn’t have brand recognition in Europe. Now we’re going to run the entire thing from our current offices. and make sure our matching algorithm works in each country. We’ll translate our site, beginning with Spanish. We’ve also had a lot of interest from India, China, Korea. . I feel that being gay could have lightly been true for me. We make pretty good income from ‘Compatible Fucking partners,’ even however we don’t advertise it a lot.

eHarmony Lodges Lawsuit Over Gay Matchmaking

SF CHRONICLE – Jan 27 - ,As a result of a 2008 settlement with the state of Fresh Jersey, which sued the company for discrimination, boys and women seeking same-sex matches were redirected from eHarmony to an affiliate Web site, Compatiblepartners.net. ,A separate class-action civil rights lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles in 2007, telling that eHarmony violated California law barring businesses from discriminating based on sexual orientation. ,The rock hard would establish a $2M settlement fund, with about $500,000 set aside for gay, lezzie and bisexual Californians who can display they were harmed by eHarmony’s policies. ,The company did not admit wrongdoing. Total ARTICLE @ SF CHRONICLE

eHarmonys Test vs Compatible Fucking partners Test

OPW – Oct 11 – I just compared eHarmony’s personality profiling test with Compatible Fucking partners personality profiling test. The tests are 99% the same, with the same questions in the same order. The only differences I found were:

– On the very first page of questions Compatible Playmates has three questions about having and wanting kids, whereas those questions show up on the 2nd to last page of the eHarmony test.

– On page Three Compatible fucking partners has an extra question: ",Do you want to select which supremacy(s) your matches can be?",

 , , 1. Do you know someone who met their spouse through eHarmony?

 , , Two. Have you ever usen an online dating site?

The graphics and layout of the test are also a little different. , From what I recall, the Compatible Fucking partners test design looks like the older eHarmony test with respect to graphics and layout. , Overall, the personality test is the same, but how about the matchmaking? , eHarmony’s treatment has been to copy the test over for Compatible Fucking partners so the matchmaking methodology and science would most likely also be the same. – Irena Brooks

Is eHarmony Honoring The Gay Settlement?

EHARMONY BLOG – Sep 30 – It is ,exactly six months after the launch of Compatible Playmates, the website opened by eHarmony because of its settlement of a discrimination complaint with the Fresh Jersey Attorney General. eHarmony made several long-term promises and commitments and ,today is a superb time to review what the company, who spends $93.3M in advertising in 9 months, has done so far.

The utter article was originally published at eHarmony blog, but is no longer available.

Internet Dating Industry Weekly News – Four Mins

Online Personals Witness Weekly News Summary, May 11th, 2009

Site launches, BharatMatrimony expansion into fresh markets and religions, Userplane demise, CrazyBlindDate to be integrated into OkCupid, prison dating, Wealthy Boys on reality TV.

Compatible Playmates Is Now Live

OPW — May 6 — In response to discrimination litigation, eHarmony agreed to launch the gay version of its heterosexual match-making service. Compatible Playmates is live now and members can get 6 months free membership if they register today.

Internet Dating Industry Weekly News – Five Mins, Venice

Spark Networks acquires Engage.com. Sugar Daddy sites criticized. Fresh Facebook apps from GenePartner and DateRaters.com. eHarmony lawsuit and Compatible Fucking partners criticism. Matchmakers doing ok according to CNN. Virtual singles marry online, and Courtland Brooks blog launches.

This weeks news from Venice, Italy.

Homosexual Harmony Or Disturbance Of Scripture?

CHICAGO TRIBUNE — Apr 14 — As part of the settlement reached in Nov, eHarmony agreed to suggest CompatiblePartners.net, market it in gay media and reel in the very first Ten,000 singles by registering them for free. But some Christians who rank religion fairly high say the company’s deeds crack Scripture that label homosexuality a sin. They also feel betrayed. “You have now officially joined the list of Companies Promoting Immorality (CPI)–a growing list, indeed,” wrote Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, a conservative Christian advocacy group, in a letter to Neil Clark Warren, who has retired but is still on eHarmony’s board. Utter ARTICLE @ CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Mark Brooks: Match, Plentyoffish, Yahoo Personals, and numerous other dating entities are also in the same disturbance then, I guess. Equal rights vs Scripture. I vote for equal rights, and freedom, every time. Sorry scripture. Your moral compass is off on this one, so says modern society. I believe in sexual freedom, and openness. Your comments please.

Internet Dating Weekly News Summary – Three Minutes

Online Personals Observe News Summary #1, Four Trio 09 from Mark Brooks.

eHarmony Launches Gay Matchmaking Service

LA TIMES — Mar 30 — eHarmony agreed ,in November to commence the dating service as part of a settlement with the Fresh Jersey attorney general in the wake of a discrimination suit. ,Dating site consultant Mark Brooks says Compatible Playmates will be observed closely. ,",This will be one of the most scrutinized products in Internet dating,", said Brooks. ",They will have to introduce an A1 product.", ,It’s not a convenient fit for eHarmony’s founder, Neil Clark Warren. ,",I never had a gay duo.", ,Brooks thinks Compatible Fucking partners could be a winner. ,",Niche products are proving to be very effective,", he said. ",People are more likely to connect with a brand that serves it, specifically.", Utter ARTICLE @ LA TIMES

eHarmony’s Same-Sex Dating Site Launches

WSJ — Mar 31 – ,In response to discrimination litigation, eHarmony will launch the gay version of its heterosexual match-making service on Tuesday. The site, Compatible Fucking partners, was developed as part of a settlement last fall with the Fresh Jersey attorney general. ,Patrick Perrine, founder and CEO of myPartner.com, an online dating site for gay studs, remains skeptical about eHarmony’s fresh venture. He says the compatibility system on his site, matching guys with other fellows, wouldn’t work for sapphic women. “They’re very different populations that have very different needs,” he said. Utter ARTICLE @ WSJ

Playing With Matches

BOSTON GLOBE — Mar 11 – ,eHarmony will launch a fresh matchmaking website for the gay community by the end of the month. Called Compatible Playmates, it might be the very first dating site whose owners didn’t truly want to create it. ,The sister site will work just like eHarmony, with members packing out long questionnaires. Total ARTICLE @ BOSTON.COM

EHarmony’s GLBT Site Will Alienate Gays

OUT&,ABOUT — Jan 1 – , In accordance with their settlement agreement, eHarmony has created a separate site dedicated to matching same-sex couples called Compatible Fucking partners. Albeit this site will use the same questionnaire to match same lovemaking couples, the site comes with a hefty disclaimer warning that this fresh matchmaking site was not created with the use of extensive data on what makes a compatible same-sex duo. eHarmony’s straight users and their freshly acquired homosexual users will remain fully separate.

The utter article was originally published at Out&,About, but is no longer available.

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