Sean Harvey and I am looking for a right gf come to find me &#34, &#34, Good process that encourages you to pack in more of the profile.

Sean Harvey and I am looking for a right girlfriend come to find me &#34, &#34, Good process that encourages you to fill in more of the profile.

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The time I found Jess

", I went on eHarmony and had given a lot of the other free websites a go and got very sick of meeting people who were not that compatible or had no similar interests to me. I joined eHarmony for Three months, went out on Four dates with some very cool damsels and the fourth damsel is now the one that I am living with Two.Five years later. I have another friend who is now living in London with a female that he met on eHarmony. Additionally my girlfriends sister is now getting married to my old housemate after they met through us. It is funny how one website has led to all of that. I would recommend it to anyone if you want to find someone special ",

", This site is pathetic. It drops out all the time, its juvenile and expensive. And you can’t get rid of your profile age shame if you accidentally put 100! I had to switch my entire profile so I can budge on oh dear more depression I’ll just reboot my glass of plonk and pick up a stray at the nearest pub. ",

", I learnt so much about myself through creating my profile and then in my very first few suggested matches along came my magnificent prince. We connected from the very very first email and when we met in person we fresh we had found our ideal match. We were married 9 months later. We just celebrated our two year anniversary and our love just keeps getting stronger. I would recommend eHarmony as a safe, supportive way to find that special person to accomplish you as I did. ",

", Within a week of creating my eHarmony profile, I had commenced communicating with the lovely fella who I now have been dating for Five months. We wrote to each other for about Three weeks before meeting in person. We both put a lot of effort into the initial phase, which meant that when we met it felt like we knew each other enough to not make it awkward. Instead I couldn’t wait to meet him. The most significant part, as far as I can tell is to indeed listen to your gut instinct. Go through all of the step set up by eHarmormony, as you actually learn fairly a bit about the person in the process. There was only one person that indeed caught my attention and he turned out to be the right one for me. Yay! ",

", love the fact so many questions are asked saves me filtering through all the profiles.

was successful for me thanks E harmony

I believe because you have to pay only genuine people are on here. ",

", I found a real nice lady on E/H so i think your wonderful.

You do some things which make you look tacky, eg the bait advertising, view your matches for free, when you can not contact them. That is ok if you make the deal clear before they go to all the trouble of packing in the form. Then on sign the more expensive options is very first and the cheaper option less visible. and the pay option of being able to view profiles without the person knowing. Sneaky stuff like that is standard on most commercial glances, if you want to have class, look like you can be trusted etc, avoid that stuff.

I have had two phone conversations with your people, one was charming and helpful, took time to talk, the other just desired to end the phone call as rapidly as possible.

You provide a very valuable service, and have very little competition, doing it indeed well, with honesty and no tricks , might be your most profitable option, and it would certainly enable you to have pride in what you do.

", After two failed relationships and a duo of dates, I ultimately met my match on eHarmony. He was a non-member so he had no idea what I looked like, which was special in a way because he became interested by what I wrote in my profile, not by my pictures. Isn’t that what it’s all about. We connected instantly. I received a very surprising very first smooch which he exposed to me a few weeks later how jumpy he was. A few months later we moved in together and now we are expecting twins in March. ",

", I am gladfully married to a gorgeous man . our marriage is built on friendship, trust, honesty, love and laughter. We have two beautiful children together and truly feel blessed! We met on eharmony Four years ago. thanks eharmony ",

", Please bring back. ‘Last online ‘ feature ",

", Since meeting my beau of Two 1/2years on eharmony it’s been fantastic.

The process you go through to meeting up with the person was guided which helped.

The matching was ideal and made you feel like you were meeting up with a lost friend from school.

Can’t recommend enough and thanks heaps ",

", Hi Everyone How are you today. my name is Sean Harvey and I am looking for a right gf come to find me ",

", Good process that encourages you to pack in more of the profile. Good matches, Fairly good website, however the “mail” client is very clunky. ",

", I have to say I think your site is awesome. I did attempt another before using eharmony. A friend told me to give you guys a go. It worked and now joyfully married. Thanks guys ",

", After Trio good matches, which I have remained friends with, I met Michael. The connection for him was instant, I was still pinching myself that I was in this amazing situation. To this day, over a year later, I still can’t believe how fine our relationship, our life, our goals, our everything, is so flawless! I have met my equal, my soul mate, my best friend, my everything. He is amazing and I can’t thank eharmony enough. ",

", eHarmony provided a fine service, with fantastic matches. It was lovely however to find the ‘one’, that person who makes you feel special, loved and as however you are the most significant person in their entire world.

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