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Dudes Nation Review

Guys Nation is the winner of our Silver Award in this category. Read our review below to find out why.

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Dudes Nation is a giant gay dating site based on the popular AdultFriendFinder adult dating site – it has all the same excellent features, but uses just a subset of the enormous AdultFriendFinder database. Basically, any boys that have registered with AdultFriendFinder, who have voiced an interest in meeting other boys (and there are millions) will also show up on, along with all the guys who have joined directly.

What this means for you as a potential member of MenNation is elementary – you’ll have a lot more guys to choose from and more chances of finding a hookup playmate in your home town. The site is also only going to give you results that will provide guys who are interested in gay relationships and sexual encounters, so there&rsquo,s no sifting through masses of straight guys or chicks.

Many gay studs have joined MenNation in the hope of landing a casual gay date. But just as many guys are bisexual or bi-curious and have signed-up to AdultFriendFinder, the largest adult dating site on the planet, looking for ladies and guys (and everything inbetween!). Joining MenNation gives you access to all of these guys too through AdultFriendFinder’s collective database, and this can truly maximise your chances of scoring a date.

Ever desired to break in a bi-curious novice? MenNation gives you the best chance possible, whilst also providing you access to all the out-and-out gay guys that you would expect to find on a fully-fledged gay dating site. The site has access to over 47 million member profiles, which ought to be enough for any appetite!

MenNation also boasts all the advanced features of its parent site, including high quality movie talk, the capability to view other members playing on their webcams (often with other members they’ve met online), recorded member movies and listen to voice introductions. If you&rsquo,re looking to witness some live cams then this site is also a good place to be as you can access member cams (potentially thousands of broadcasts by normal guys at any time) or live model cams, which are spectacles given by professional models for your delight. It also gives you access to all the traditional instruments you’d expect to find on a site like this, including the capability to send winks and (for gold members) the capability to send emails and instant talk with other members.

MenNation’s chatrooms are divided up by special interest topics and also by geographical region, so you can talk with other members who share your particular fantasy or talk with members who live nearby. The ",Groups", section also has many groups you can join and discussion topics to which you can contribute, ranging from the mediocre to the bizarre! These groups are also split up by region, so if you like you can find a group near you that indulges in your particular fantasy or fetish. These social features are a good way to meet fresh people outside of just sending a private message, they also provide a good way to interact with people based on your interests rather than just a superficial reason.

It should be noted that whilst MenNation have done a good job in separating out the gay subset of members from their parent site’s database, this is not always the case. The groups and discussion area listed under ",Groups", is one such area where they haven’t done such a fantastic job. You may find many groups and discussion topics here that are non-gay in nature, such as the ",Junior Women for Older Guys", group for example.

Fortunately, the handy search box on both the discussion threads and the groups section permits you to filter these out and quickly find the gay discussion topic or gay group you’re looking for. You may also browse groups and discussions by topic, location and keywords.

The ",Get Local", section in the top menu is another way of quickly filtering out the groups, discussions, blog posts and articles that have been posted by members near your location. This section also permits you to quickly find ",adult places near me", and ",meets near me",. If you&rsquo,re looking for a local lad and want to have a meet up near you then this is a good place to find one.

The site is well organised and effortless to use, with many different sections and subsections to the site, all organised intuitively through the top menu bar with its drop-down sub-menus. The site also makes it effortless to organise your contacts and favorites – you can create a hotlist of members, keep lists of your dearest member photos and also keep lists of your dearest member movies.

The lists of all your received winks and emails are also within effortless reach, as are a list of all the winks and emails you’ve sent out. The internal email client is feature-packed and yet effortless to use and, as you might expect, you will have your own internal inbox and outbox so that you can communicate with other members without having to expose your private email address. You will also have the capability to filter, search and sort your emails and also to block incoming emails from certain members.

The ",Activities", section lets you post your own status updates and view the status updates of your friends, facebook-style. This makes MenNation more than just a gay dating site for casual hookups and also makes it a gay social networking community. You can share your photos, movies and status updates with the entire commuity or just with your chosen friends, and all your friends’ status updates, comments, photos and movies will be posted to your live feed, again facebook-style! This is a excellent way to lightly keep up to date with your friends’ activities and all the pictures, movies and comments can be as raunchy as they like!

If you&rsquo,re a bit of a writer then you can also take advantage of the blogging section and take the chance to share your thoughts and feelings with other users. If you just fancy catching up on the latest news or reading lifestyle articles then you can also check out the online magazine.

With many more features than we can possibly cover in this review, our advice would be to sign-up and check it out for yourself. Signing-up is free, and we managed it in just a duo of minutes. You don’t have to finish a lengthy profile (you can come back to this and finish it in utter later) so you can sign-up quickly and for free and check out the features on suggest for yourself.

Upon joining, you will instantly be able to perform searches and browse for member profiles in your local area. As a free standard member you’ll be able to see who’s online, see each member’s main profile picture and (if you hover your pointer over his profile picture) you’ll also be able to see a thumbnailed selection of each member’s photographs. You can also explore the movies section, including the ",live member webcams",, and explore the groups and topics area. This should be more than enough to keep you busy for a good while and give you a taste for the site and its members.

Paying Gold members can perform much more in depth searches, which is indeed useful in the long run because there are so many profiles that you&rsquo,ll want to be as specific as possible to avoid getting the same results each time. As with most dating sites, you’ll get out what you put in. If you’re serious about actually finding a casual date using Guys Nation, then post some profile pictures of yourself and write something interesting in your profile. You’ll need to upgrade to Gold membership to actually send an email or talk online, and, albeit this site is not the cheapest around, the membership fees are still reasonable, particularly considering the sheer number of members to whom it provides you access.

You should note that Dudes Nation caters specifically for gay boys looking for casual hook-up, either with other individual members or in threesomes or in groups. If this is what you’re looking for, then click the button below to check it out. If it’s more of a long-term meaningful gay relationship you’re looking for, then we recommend looking elsewhere, such as GayFriendFinder (another suggesting from the FriendFinder network) or Gay Date instead.

In summary, MenNation is one of our top-rated gay dating site for those looking for casual gay hookups. It has a phat members’ database that it selectively shares with its sister site AdultFriendFinder, providing you a lot more choice than you would otherwise get from a gay dating site and hugely enlargening your chances of quickly finding a entire host of hook-up playmates who live in your home town. It also has one of the largest selection of advanced features we’ve seen on any gay dating site and yet is very effortless to use and navigate.

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