As military dudes and women may not have a lot of free time on their mitts, this takes the work out of browsing through thousands of profiles to find someone who is compatible with them.

As military men and women may not have a lot of free time on their hands, this takes the work out of browsing through thousands of profiles to find someone who is compatible with them.

What Are the Best Military Singles Sites?

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The reach of online dating and matchmaking has enhanced dramatically over the past decade. It represents a safe means of finding the soulmate you may have spent years attempting to locate. This phenomenon is not limited solely to the average American, however. In 2000, military online dating arrived on the scene, since then, hundreds of military servicemen and -women have found love with those who understand and share their loyalty to the United States of America.


The life of those who serve in the military is unique. They are generally stationed far from home, are often assigned to war-torn areas, and can be relocated dozens of times across their time of service. Not only do they need moral and emotional support, they also need a mate–whether civilian or in the military–who will understand the utter extent of their job, including the danger it represents. Military dating sites offers these military guys and women the chance of being matched with someone who is willing to support them and stand by them, regardless of the circumstances that complicate their lives.


Military dating sites do not vary much from general online dating sites. The fellows and women who join pack out a private profile, explaining what they are looking for in a mate, and have the chance to browse for members who may be suited to them. What sets these sites apart from the general sites is that they are geared toward specific branches of the armed coerces, while membership is not restricted to those who serve in the military, there is a basic understanding that people who join are searching for someone in the service. Some military dating sites suggest more ammenities to their members, which makes it lighter for servicemen and -women to find who they are looking for. Other sites are enormously general in the information they require, and make it difficult for members to find someone who is compatible with them, especially in their local area.


One of the most popular military single sites is Military Singles Connection. While the initial signup is free, the price per month is $Nineteen.99. All branches of the military are represented on this site, and the signup is fairly quick. What makes this site unique is that it offers a personality test, permitting its members to list the qualities they are looking for, from the most significant to the least. The test is calculated in the system, and the applicant is matched with others who are searching for the same things in their lives. As military boys and women may not have a lot of free time on their forearms, this takes the work out of browsing through thousands of profiles to find someone who is compatible with them. Another popular military singles site is Membership costs $29.95 for 30 days, but the site has its drawbacks. Very first, its profiling process is not geared toward military studs and women, unlike some other sites whose profiles include the branch of the military to which a member belongs. And while many online dating sites suggest a location search based upon a specific city and zip code, this site mainly offers a search for countries and states, with a few major cities thrown in. This makes it difficult to find someone in your area. In addition, unlike Military Singles Connection, this site offers no message board or forums, but does suggest a live talk room and instant messaging for paid members. Overall, the site is geared toward those who live further apart, and it may be a better site for “pen pals” and friendship.


While almost all of the military singles sites suggest free membership, features like emailing, instant messaging and live talk rooms are only available to those who have paid to join. A good military dating site will suggest all of these, in addition to message boards and forums. It will also provide an extensive profile process, which permits a member to get a feel for a person before contacting her. Another site,, does not suggest this, as it only asks members to reaction basic questions about individual attributes, like smoking and/or drinking habits and age. While the site does have a free-form essay section, this information is only available by clicking on a member’s photo, which could result in a waste of search time if you don’t like what you read along with what you see.


Before joining a military dating site, be sure you are getting your money’s worth. Some of the more expensive sites do not suggest the best features that permit you to find the person you are looking for, especially near you. If you are a civilian looking for someone in the military, be sure you have a utter understanding of what life may be like with a military man or woman. The people who serve in our armed compels desire someone in their lives who will be able to treat the emotional ups and downs their job entails. They will practice long periods of time away from home, and fairly possibly have their lives placed in danger, depending on where they are stationed. They need a mate who will be faithful and loyal during their long absences. Also, some sites may suggest a 1- to 3-month free trial period so you can get a feel for those who have already joined and what they are looking for. During this time, you will not be able to send or receive emails, but you can browse the other profiles and find out if the site is suited to your individual needs.


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