SeniorPeopleMeet Reviews – 173 Reviews of, Sitejabber

SeniorPeopleMeet Reviews - 173 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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I joined 6 months ago and regret it. Not even a date ( no, I',m not ugly). the site tells you people ",flirt", with you but they are always across the country and 28 years old.

When you look at a profile it will send some of the people a flirt from you. Also when you cancel membership and still have Ten days left, they will prevent you from reading messages and send fraudulent hits to you profile and more messages you can',t see.

Ive always said you should attempt everything in life and im proud that even in my late fifties I could attempt something as alien as internet dating. And I truly love it! And its not just lSeniorPeopleMeet that Im learning to use but also another site called They are both very different in terms of the way the site looks and works, but they have a lot of similarities too. Ive had dinner and high teas with gentlemen on both sites, so I dont think I could pick a winner. In fact the only winner here is me, as I have a life again!

this is nothing but a gambling site with algorityms built in to make you feel you have slew of contacts. These people aren',t truly writing to you, it',s the site that is doing it so that you will react to someone. It',s truly ashame that they are tearing people off and making millions.

Beth in San Jose, California

Peak for consumers: do your research and don',t use them


Years ago I signed up with this ripoff site and after updating my profile preferences, these dirtballs fully disregarded them and matched me with people hundreds – even thousands of miles away – and had nothing in common with the ",what I am Looking for", descriptions. I went through total BS attempting to cancel this mess and was charged even after I canceled – and had to get the credit card company involved – but eventually. eventually got these scumbag charlatans to leave me alone – then I get an email from them telling me it',s time to renew. I opened the email, realized who it was from and then swiped to close the email (I was on my cell phone). and they RENEWED my account from a swipe to close an email . I called my credit card company instantaneously because you CAN NOT get customer service from these rip off artists at all – the transaction hasn',t posted yet but when it does, I will be instantly contesting it – but I found a phone number – for those of you who are experiencing customer service issues call this number 866-727-8920 – they',re still nasty little ripoff artists on that end of the phone, but at least it',s a place to commence and you won',t find that number on their website – anyway, I told the scumbag service rep that I had no intention of renewing and that I had just swiped the email to close it when it had renewed – they charged me $71.25 – in talking with the little scumbag thief, he agreed to refund me all but $Four of that claiming it was their ',servicing and processing', fee – for what? Tearing people off and then charging them to refund a portion of what they ripped off? What a total scam and a total illegitimate ripoff activity – I argued with the little chunk of garbage service rep and of course, that',s how they stay in business – tearing people off and they would not refund that BS service charge – so when it posts, I',ll contest that service charge and see about getting that refunded – but STAY AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES – if you even get close to their site and if it can even sniff your credit card, they',ll find some way to charge you for something you don',t get and don',t want – this site needs to be shut down because they',re totally crooks and will rip you off – if you get an email from them, don',t open it, just delete it, because the moment you open it, they',re setting you up to be inadvertently charged and you',re providing them an chance to steal – these guys are thieves running a scam website with no accountability – stay away – indeed, stay away big time

Stay away of this site. They will charge your visa but will not give you access to the site, claiming they did not receive your payment. Terrible practice! Don',t waste your money.

Im truly getting into this online dating stuff now! I signed up for SeniorPeopleMeet originally &, now im a total member on as well! With those two sites im getting a indeed nice balance of having lots of opportunities to talk with other people who are using the sites over email messages and also getting out &, about and meeting some interesting people in person. Im not often bothered by time wasters, nor do I get many offensive messages. Its just a nice place where I can go onlne and speak with people who are similar to me (lost my fucking partner to cancer in 2015). Good clean joy that you can turn to when you wish (sometimes I go a few days without logging on) and a good way to stay positive and love life at a time when being sociable is tighter than ever. Very pleased I gave it a attempt!

Horrible practice with charges to credit card that I did not initiate. There are so few users of this site and many profiles emerge to be ",fake",. Stay away from site and attempt elsewhere. Eventually, there are sooooo many ads it',s dizzying.

False/phony messages and flirts. False profiles. Not local. I received messages and when I checked them the profile was no longer available. Also women not within 25 miles of my location. Matches were fron out of state/province.

I am in California, SeniorPeopleMeet is ",matching", me with members in Fresh York, Florida, Alaska, you get the idea. Waste of money!

Everything about this site deep throats. They have no way for you to narrow your search in mileage. I',ve been out on a duo of dates the pictures do not match the people, I',ve never seen so many Christians who dreamed to leap into bed instantaneously! This place is a total scam I applied for one month and they hit my credit card for almost $60. Worst dating site ever

As a youthfull at heart 50 something I',ve been providing this online dating stuff a whirl to see if it can help me solve a few of my problems with finding things to do. The older you get, the less there seems to be going on, if you are unlucky enough to be a singleton like me! I run my own puny business so meeting someone at work has never indeed been an option. I',m not particularly wealthy but have some disposable income and yes, I admit it would be nice to have someone to spend it with, holidays, theatre trips, etc. Im a member of the wine club but no eligible singles there im afraid. So I attempted SeniorPeopleMeet and it truly gave me an insight into online dating. I built up confidence on the site and altough I didnt meet anyone in my area, I think its worth attempting if you are over fifty and serious about meeting someone for a long term relationship (friendship or more). The practice on the site led me to, which has truly made a big influence on my life. I',ve had dates (from dinner to table tennis!) and met some lovely people through the site. I certainly get the feeling I could become one of their success stories in time. here is hoping.

This is the hardest site I',ve ever seen to attempt and navigate through. And you have to reset everything every time you go in it doesn',t give you matches that you want it grows out matches for whatever waste of time waste of money.

Donna Finch is going to get your money !! Don',t contact her , I',m warning you !! She is sexy and her figure is a Ten, but everything is about money money and money.

No, I',m just kidding! But it is the most entertainment you can get for 15 bucks a month! Scammers everywhere, nut jobs, serial daters looking for a free dinner, phoney profiles and much more! I read these profiles and laugh! Old worn out nurses, and fat school teachers, old divorced women looking for someone to pay off their credit cards, needy women who want to travel the world but have no money. It',s a total waste of time, Everything is phoney, you will never meet anyone nice, but it is joy if you don',t take it too gravely. It',s just for laughs.


My fiancee wouldn',t talk to me for a entire day as she assumed that I was on your $#*!ing site cheating you $#*!s. How dare you invade my privacy and life with your bull$#*! page on my laptop you $#*!ers. Pull this $#*! again and I will report you the BBB. You suck and if you are that sucky a $#*!in singles program that you have to insinuate yourselves onto my desktop then you can all go $#*! yourselves got it!

Gave this a attempt and I fairly like it I must say. A very nice lay out and some lovely people. Im not sure how successful it will be for me. The reason I took so long to attempt it is that ive been very fortunate on and I even know a duo that got married through that site, so its still my ',number one', but I think it can help to attempt others out too and improve my chances of meeting someone special through setting up more dates ',in person',. Wish me luck!

please do not waste your time and money. I packed out a profile..determined against

signing up. then I began getting high pressure sales calls from them . truly insistant and indeed rude. scary

Giant scam. Fake profiles. Lie after lie. All about getting your money. While I was a paying client I uncommonly was contacted my anyone on the site. After I canceled my paid membership, within 24 hours I had 68 views on my profile, 17 likes, 15 yes',s, and 38 flirts. hmmmm you think it could be fake profiles? haha

Questions &, Answers

Q: &ldquo, How is it I get three flirts over the course of two months and when I ultimately send them a message I don',t see them in. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, Yes, Brian, I would like to think the persons we are attempting to meet maybe left the site or found someone. The bottom. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, Are there any real people on the site? How do you find them. I know I',m real, maybe I',m one of the few suckers who is. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, They are often real, but not unluckily of a very high caliber. I know that sounds awful, but I do not set my. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, Just stick with commercial sites like eharmony and then ask for people within your age range. These niche dating. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, I',m not familiar with eHarmony, I',m on POF (slew of fish),, and (I dislike. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, Why has the 6 month membership more than doubled. I would rejoin, but not for that amount. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, if you did not turn off the automatic renewal and got your very first membership at a discounted price, they will. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, I am a payed up member but can',t get on the site? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, when you cannot get on a site you need to go on the net, find them, and ask for customer service. I',ve found several. &rdquo,

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