Live Kabaddi matches 2016 from Canada, USA, UK, India

Live Kabaddi matches 2016 from Canada, USA, UK, India

Observe one of the top wrestling tournament held in Canada Rustom-E-Canada hosted by Rustom Wrestling Kabaddi Club on Saturday October 28th at Princesses Margaret High School in Surrey BC. See top wrestling superstars from USA, Iran, Australia, and Canada. This is a FREE event. Join us at 12870 72nd Ave. in Surrey, BC.

Rustom-E-Canada Wrestling &, Weight Lifting Tournament

Saturday October 28th

TIME 11:00am PST, 11:30pm IST, 7:00pm UK Time

LIVE – Philadelphia Kabaddi Cup – Sunday October 8th

Witness LIVE from Philadelphia – USA – Philadelphia Kabaddi Cup

SUNDAY OCTOBER 8th – 9:00am PST, 9:30pm India Time, Five:00pm

Players: Pala Jalapuria, Sandeep Nagal Ambia, Sandeep Ludhar, Dulla Bagga, Khusi Dirba, Sultan, Palli Channa, Arshdeep Chola, Banna Dhaliwal, Bhura, Pamma Jhader, Jatinder Bains

LIVE – Sacramento USA – International Kabaddi Cup 2017

LIVE from Sacramento, California USA – International Kabaddi Cup, hosted by Baba Deep Singh Sports Academy. Live Commences at: 11am PST, 11:30pm IST, 7pm UK Time

PLAYERS:Pala Jalapuria, Sandeep Ludhar, Dulla Bagga, Sandeep Nagal Ambia, Khusi Driba, Yaad Kotli, Sultan Sonspur, Palli Channa, Gurpreet Burj Hari, Arshdeep Chola, Yadha Surhpuria, Sandeep Surkhpuria, Banna DhaliwalRuby Harkowal, Mexican Bothers, Arshi Preetum, Sethi, Bhura, Pamma Jhander

LIVE – Kings Sports Kabaddi Cup – Sacramento – Sunday Sept. 24th

SUNDAY September 24th – Kings Sports Kabaddi Club Sacramento present their annual 5th World Kabaddi Cup. Witness superstars like Pala JalalPuria Khusi Dirba Sandeep Sandhu Nagal Ambia DULLA BAGGA PIND Sandeep Surkhpuria Gurpreet Burj Hari Baana Dhaliwal Jairo Chavez and many more starlets. Observe all the act LIVE on

LIVE – Dallas Kabaddi Cup – September 23rd – Texas USA

LIVE from Dallas, Texas – USA – Dallas Kabaddi Cup 2017

Players: Dulla Bagga, Sandeep Surkhpuria, Lakha Cheema, Banna Dhaliwal, Arsh Chola, Yadha Surkhpuria, Ruby Harkowal, Varinder Bhura, Pallai Channa, Sultan, Sethi Harkowal, Amniander Khisangarh, Jagga Randhawa, Sattu Kadur, Lakha Kothejattan

LIVE USA Kabaddi 2017 – Union City Kabaddi Cup California

LIVE from California USA – Union City Kabaddi Cup.

Players: Pala Jalapuria, Sandeep Nagal Ambia, Dulla Bagga,

Khusi Dirba, Yaad Kotli, Gurpreet, Burj, Sattu, Arsh, Banna, Yadha Sukhpuria, Sandeep Sukhpuria, Jairo Chavez, Rubby, Junni, Bhura, Pamma, Jatinder Bains and more

Time: 11:00am PST, 2pm EST, 7:00pm UK, 11:30pm India Time

LIVE – Canada Kabaddi 2017 – Punjab Sports Kabaddi Cup

LIVE from Surrey, BC – Canada – Punjab Sports Kabaddi Club present their annual Kabaddi Cup fro Surrey, Bell Centre

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